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            PRODUCTS LIST  
        SVC Voltage Stabilizer
        TSD Voltage Stabilizer
        SVC three-phase Voltage Stabilizer
        SBW.DBW Power Voltage Stabilizer
        SVR Voltage Stabilizer
        CVR Voltage Stabilizer
        DER Voltage Stabilizer
        AVR Voltage Stabilizer
        SCR Voltage Stabilizer
        UPS-Uninterrop Power Supply
        ZDJ Battery Charger
        ZUP Power Inverters
        TDGC/TSGC Voltage Regulator
        ST Step-up & down Transformer
        TC Step-up & down Transformer
        STO Step-up & down Transformer
        BK Contrl Transformer
        JBK Contrl Transformer
        SG Three phase Transformer
        S9 Oil-immersed Transformer
        CT Plug
        CZ Socket
        CONTACT US
        TEL : 0086-577-61788808 
        FAX : 0086-577-61788807
        E-Mail :msdykj@163.com

            China Maosheng Electrical Co.,ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service specializes in producing voltage regulator, voltage regulator, reverse Transformer, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, transfor-mers and other high-tech enterprises. Since the company's products from the production, consistent with cdomestic and overseas customers Praise.
            Since its inception, through technical innovation and accumulation, and achieved rapid development, strong techn-ical force and rich experience, And with a number of research institutes and universities to establish research coope-ration. Maosheng has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strict products Grid in accordance with international standards and national standards and design.

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