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            PRODUCTS LIST  
        SVC Voltage Stabilizer
        TSD Voltage Stabilizer
        SVC three-phase Voltage Stabilizer
        SBW.DBW Power Voltage Stabilizer
        SVR Voltage Stabilizer
        CVR Voltage Stabilizer
        DER Voltage Stabilizer
        AVR Voltage Stabilizer
        SCR Voltage Stabilizer
        UPS-Uninterrop Power Supply
        ZDJ Battery Charger
        ZUP Power Inverters
        TDGC/TSGC Voltage Regulator
        ST Step-up & down Transformer
        TC Step-up & down Transformer
        STO Step-up & down Transformer
        BK Contrl Transformer
        JBK Contrl Transformer
        SG Three phase Transformer
        S9 Oil-immersed Transformer
        CT Plug
        CZ Socket
        CONTACT US
        TEL : 0086-577-61788808 
        FAX : 0086-577-61788807
        E-Mail :msdykj@163.com

            China Maosheng Electrical Co.,ltd. is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service specializes in producing voltage regulator, voltage regulator, reverse Transformer, UPS uninterruptible power supplies, transfor-mers and other high-tech enterprises. Since the company's products from the production, consistent with cdomestic and overseas customers Praise.
            Since its inception, through technical innovation and accumulation, and achieved rapid development, strong techn-ical force and rich experience, And with a number of research institutes and universities to establish research coope-ration. Maosheng has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, strict products Grid in accordance with international standards and national standards and design.
            Maosheng company always adhere to the "people-oriented, technology development, market quality and compet-ition in order to create effective brand" policy, strictly Bong Line "honest and trustworthy" business philosophy, and actively develop the brand strategy of promoting enterprise, to create the best-known companies and progressive, with the The times, providing our customers with quality products and good after-sales service.
            In the economic globalization today, the face of opportunities and challenges, lush companies ready for new and oldcustomers work together to create brilliant, the power Construction and development of power industry and make new contributions

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